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please add more free content


im the champion!

me too!

good job!

I decided to play this game in ASMR and it turned out pretty interesting haha


Please, sman, try that this game can be bought in another type of money (example: pounds)

i agree

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I got to level 14

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I put my zip code in wrong to purchase it and it still took money out of my card please give money back!!

Edit: It did not give me the game either.

QWOP: I raised that boy.

I wish you didn't say that

Silly QWOP styled game, but actually possible to master.

Deleted 1 year ago


this game deserves a 1 star its so hard no one can get the hang of it

acquistato oggi ma non riesco a scaricarlo sul pc

i’ve been playing this for days and i got a new pb

my god i wanna punch my screen this is so friking hard


Hello sman! I would like to talk about something. I enjoy this game (the demo at least) and am increasing my skill. My best time on the 30m dash is 3.79! Not the best, I know, but good for me. My point: I recently opened the Google Play Store to look for the mobile version of Ragdoll Runners and could not find it. I'm in U.S. so is the app in a certain country?

hey sman, i previously used my steam key on a old steam account, but i no longer have that account, and now i cant use the steam key, help

i figured out how to make a perfect bunny hop: <- -> tap not hold

wheres my steam key

how do you SHAre you pb?????

make a button that saves replays in demo ver and full ver

I fucking love this game But its sad that I have to pay money to get more im only 11 so it really sucks :(

I got a new Highscore


this was a great and challenging game.

I laughed so many times.

Thank you for making this.

So THIS is what it means to go even further beyond.

plus im even there anymore lol. Hope that is not s problem

And i tried what the other guy said and it still did not work.

So i was at my friends house on vacation and i was on his spare mac and bought this game but it wont work is mac not supported and if not can i get it on pc? plz help

Yeah, put it on PC, it will work.

It's too fun!!!


Also, make skin color, height, and muscularity changable. (don't make it effect speed)

Can you add the 200 meter and 400 meter? No curves though, just straight! And no fatigue simulation. Would be amazing, and give players like me who are getting bored with the same events some new content.

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two people each controlling one leg is very difficult

Oh! I never tried but it was in my mind. Is it fun?

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it's fun but angry :P

eh eh :)

thank you for the mobile version!!

Hello Everyone! I'm seeing some Mac issues about this game. So what you need to do is download winebottler and when you have bought and downloaded rag doll runners, you right click on the exe file and click "open with wine" then wait a little bit and your good to go!

Congrats sman on making such a good game im a huge fan of yours keep up the amazing work!

I wasted 5 bucks just because I bought this on a chromebook

Please Please Please make more of this beauty free! I beg of thee!


Hey Sman its me from a year ago i just want to say the game for mobile has not been yet released how much should i wait


Only several weeks. Please wait a little longer :)


But what Date


When it's done :)

And when is that


close to beating 110m hurdles... my last event i need to beat!

nevermind. i got it

i bought the game and wanted the steam key cuz i just downloaded steam but i cant remember the code. what should i do?

Does this help you?

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