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1.56 10m right now!!! :D

1.59 10m too

Boom 3.32 30m! that would get me?

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holy cow, i got 3.26 on the 30m! that should be pretty good m8. and my fastest so far on 10m is 1.51

#10 for 10m and #20 for 30m. You're a killer.

what! that's crazy lol! i need this full game so i can get to the other challenges haha

hey i can do a 3.30 without bringing my head forward so... i could bring that like to a 3.27 or 8

cool man, I can't get the full game rn, but i can't wait to so i can participate in online stuff.

good work on this game sman! It's very fun and amusing. how many people helped you make it? or were you on your own?

1.61 and 3.35?

#145 and #54

still good :)

What would 1.52 and 3.28 get me?

#14 and #26
Very good!

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Thanks. By the way I play this game at school and other people do it as well. I'm like the leader of ragdoll runners in my class XD

My best is


Any Mac support?

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The full version is only available on Windows :(
(because I don't have a Mac)

ok no prob :)

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We here do really enjoy playing this game, although it is frustrating

Oh! What a great news! :)
Do you have any suggestion on how to better use your site for my game?

1.2 seconds

Cheat? :)

My personl best is 1.78

2.4 Seconds

Can we buy this without Steam? My computer's slow with Steam, but downloaded games run extremely smoothly.

Yes. When you buy it on you get

  • a Steam key to get the Steam version,
  • a non-Steam version (but without the Steam features: leaderboards, achievements, daily contest)

Oh, okay!

what would 1.56 10m get me?


I'm 30Meters ingot 0.00

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What would a 3.28 in 30 meters get me?


I just hit 3.26!!

oh! Almost my record (3.25)!


Aaaaand 3.23.

You beat me, grrrrrrr


I'm only 3.28 you guys are fast!


My 30 meter is 3.30 seconds! Faster than world record

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Very nice!

You would be ranked 29th out of 8000 on the Steam Leaderboard (if you bought the game :p).


- the physics is the same than the one in the full version. More punchy.

- one tip was missing the tutorial.

please make it free i am single to parents and i have 4 years and idon't have money for the all game

i whant the long jump PLEEEEEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will you mack it free? plz

im only9 and i have no money



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This game hysterical! Im just a little pissed that I can't buy tho. PLEASE ADD OS X COMPATIBILITY ON STEAM!!!!!!!

i would like to play multiplayer and bigger tracks ( even in 20 m i can reach 40 km if i doing well so...) im sad im not able to buy game :c

What prevents you from buying the game?

i dont have much money and in fact... i not totally believe in buying steam keys

What is the problem with buying Steam keys?
You prefer buy on Steam directly?

i mean... im not that big fan of buying games on a program but nevermind its just problem i didnt like it ....


Hilariously funny game...over the top hahah


This game is absolutely cracking me up! I can hardly do commentary on it! If you'd like to see some of the hilarious gameplay that Ragdoll Runners has to offer, check out my latest video!

READY, SET, FLAIL! | Ragdoll Runners


Bought this game and was not disappointed, made for some really funny moments! It's also extremely hard! :(

He's a link if you wanna check out some gameplay!

Great :)

The game seems to run in slow motion on your PC. What is your configuration?